My Background

I am a math major, have a teaching credential, and am also a qualified electrical engineer. I have two years of classroom teaching experience, many years of experience working as an engineer, and about six years experience as a tutor. During my engineering years I worked in the telecommunications industry and on the development of products such as industrial digital recorders and film scanners. In 2006 I happened to rediscover my first love: teaching. I have been tutoring ever since, and have never looked back. I plan on continuing to tutor for a long time still!

My training in both pure math and engineering enables me to view math from two different angles - the theoretical angle as well as the practical angle. I find each of these views invaluable in my work. But teaching is not just about knowing your math! Teaching is also about knowing how people learn and how the brain works. And most importantly of all, it is about being able to communicate mathematical ideas. I find all of this just fascinating!