"Nobody can teach me math, but Lizette can teach me math!"
                                                  From Alex, to his mother, to me

"You taught her everything she knows about math!"
                                                     From Tanya's Dad

"You are a gifted teacher!"
       From Charles's mother

"You are the best math teacher I have had in my entire life!"
                                                                         From Julian

"I never thought that I would laugh while doing math!"
                                                                       From Brigitte

"Lizette helped our daughter with Precalculus, and her grade jumped from a C+ to an A! We always knew that she was a smart girl, yet her grades were just not showing it. We thought that she just didn't test well for some or other reason, since her homework went well. Now we know that she didn't understand the work on a deep enough level. She immediately reported "feeling better" about her math the minute she started working with Lizette, and the results soon followed."
                                                                                     From a recommendation in the "Berkeley Parents Network"